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 I have enjoyed over 25 years in the automotive industry! My specialty? So glad you asked! Developing and maintaining relationships between auto dealerships and the companies who provide their products. Customer service is (in my humble opinion) a lost art. And, I am an artist! My clients are my priority. I have an excellent work ethic, and consider my employer a part of my family. I love what I do, and can't imagine doing anything else 

What I do

SO many dealerships have signed dealer agreements with MULTIPLE data mining and digital marketing companies.  I analyze ALL of the companies they currently have available to them, how they are utilizing those companies, then help them narrow down their options to maximize their profitability.  I will then provide training for their main users based on what the dealership NEEDS versus whatever that marketing company is pushing for the month.  You will receive HONEST feedback on how your store is utilizing their tools, and what you need to do to improve.  

Why you need me

You don't have time to analyze ALL of the products you have available in your store.  And, you certainly don't have time to review usage reports, data analysis, and performance reports.  I get it! You are a GM, and have an entire store to run.  You aren't a data/digital expert.  I can apply my expertise, and give you HONEST feedback, with NO loyalty to any outside company.  My loyalty is to YOU! 

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